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Total Plastic
Phoenix, AZ


Blow Molded Products
Riverside, CA

Bumble Bee Plastics
Compton, CA

Packaging Plus
La Mirada, CA

Reeves Extruded Products
Arvin, CA

Seal Science
Irvine, CA

Stack Plastics
Menlo Park, CA

Corona, CA


Connecticut Plastics
Thumbnail Description
Wallingford, CT
203 265-3299
Email Connecticut Plastics


Franklin Fibre
Wilmington, DE


Ameribest Decorative Plastics
Thumbnail Description
Schiller Park, IL
847 233-0509
Email Ameribest Decorative Plastics


Pobco Plastics
Worcester, MA


Paul Murphy Plastics
Roseville, MI

Preferred Plastics
Plainwell, MI

Vidon Plastics
Lapeer, MI


DiMax Corporation
Thumbnail Description
Winsted, MN
320 485-3232
Email DiMax Corporation


Mocap Custom Molding
Thumbnail Description
St Louis, MO
800 817-8784
Email Mocap Custom Molding

New Jersey

Glasplex LLC
Thumbnail Description
Sussex, NJ
973 362-0219
Email Glasplex LLC

North Carolina

American Extruded Plastics
Greensboro, NC


Middlefield Plastics
Middlefield, OH

Olan Plastics
Canal Winchester, OH

New Image Plastics
Thumbnail Description
Canal Fulton, OH
Email New Image Plastics


Complete Plastic Fabricators
Houston, TX


Reiss Mfg
Blackstone, VA


MPD Acrylics
Madison, WI

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